| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

French sources to Sawt Beirut Internation: ” No political will among officials to form a government.”

French diplomatic sources expressed to “Sawt Beirut International” their disappointment, as a result of the complications facing the government formation course, which indicates that there is no government in the foreseeable future unless a major surprise occurs. It said that it is very shameful that the issue of forming the government, is dealt with in this way, and this means that there is no political will among all Lebanese parties to form a government quickly, in order to put an end to  people’s pain and suffering, which has reached a dangerous level, threatening their health security regarding  hospitalization, and on the nutritional, life and existence levels.

The sources confirmed that France has made contacts with all parties and is still doing so, urging their commitment in forming a government and saving their country and people. But without interfering in the formation process or suggesting names, as France considers that the formation is a purely internal Lebanese issue, and its role is to be a helping factor, based on its permanent support for Lebanon and its people. The sources indicated that if a government is not formed, more tragedies await the Lebanese in the next few weeks.

The sources added that a parliamentary delegation from the European Union is visiting Beirut today, Saturday and tomorrow, Sunday, to exert pressure for forming a government. The renewed European pressure comes in light of the European Union’s serious approach to imposing sanctions on those obstructing the formation, after it was frozen when President Najib Mikati was assigned, in order to give an additional opportunity for Lebanese officials to form a government. But if the Europeans find that the obstruction will continue, as happened previously, resorting to sanctions will become inevitable. The sources reiterated that the European Union approved a few weeks ago, the general framework of sanctions against officials in Lebanon. But when a decision is made to impose sanctions and the timing of their imposition, the names concerned will be announced.
Earlier this week, Lebanon received a delegation from the US Senate that called for the formation of the government as soon as possible.