| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Fuel distributors: To hold quick Cabinet session, curb dollar peg rise

The fuel distributors in Lebanon held a meeting this morning, following which they issued a statement urging the Council of Ministers to convene the soonest in order to develop an economic plan and curb the continuous rise in the dollar exchange rate.

The statement, read by representative Fadi Abu Shakra, stressed that “the schedule of fuel prices will be issued next Tuesday,” and that “distributors can no longer bear the rise in the price of the dollar because they are incurring more losses than they can handle.”

The conferees hoped that “the coming year will witness the end of the economic, financial and political crises in the country, and that Lebanon and the Lebanese will enjoy stability and security.” They also hoped that “no decisions will be issued by the Central Bank that harm the Lebanese, such as the possible 15% increase, because the citizen can no longer tolerate any such increases and price hikes.”

  • NNA