| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Fuel prices in Lebanon keep soaring on a daily basis

Despite the numerous crises that overwhelm the country, as if we are not pleased, the most renowned “fuel” issue returns to dominate the Lebanese stage, this time destroying all sectors.

Abdo Saadeh, the head of the Association of Owners of Private Generators, told Al Markaziya that “the Minister of Energy prices a ton of diesel at $892 while the dealers ask for $970, and this price is likely to rise daily, as for example, the two dealers may price diesel at $1,050 because chaos reigns in the market.

He emphasizes that “generators are the only concerned in this issue,” but that “all sectors, hospitals, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants, are all with generators “to the break turn” due to fuel.

Saadeh believes that “the only solution is a government decision to support diesel and price it on the Lebanese pound, because the need for this substance comes after the need for oxygen, and the continuous rise in its prices is intolerable.


  • Sawt Beirut International