| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Fuel prices soaring up!

A new price for fuel was issued today, and it has noticed an increase in all prices, which are now as follows:

– Gasoline 95 octane: 666,000 Lebanese pounds, an increase of 20 thousand pounds.
– Gasoline 98 octane: 682,000 Lebanese pounds, an increase of 21,000 pounds.
– Diesel: 822,000 Lebanese pounds, an increase of 22 thousand pounds.
– Gas: 10,000 Lebanese pounds, an increase of 10,000 pounds.

The Central Bank of Lebanon had completely lifted the subsidy on gasoline, after it had adopted the gradual reduction in the last period, so that prices would witness a further rise, according to the schedule issued by the Ministry of Energy and Water.

All fuel prices in Lebanon are now outside the Central Bank’s support circle, to be calculated according to the volatile dollar exchange rate, which has witnessed a remarkable rise during the past days, in addition to the linkage of fuel pricing with international oil prices.



  • Sawt Beirut International