| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Gasoline and diesel prices soaring up

The price of 95 octane gasoline increased by 15 thousand pounds, octane 98 by 16 thousand pounds, the price of diesel rose by 13 thousand pounds, and the price of gas by 11 thousand pounds.

The prices became as follows:

– Gasoline 95 octane: 700,000 Lebanese pounds.
– Gasoline 98 octane: 717,000 Lebanese pounds.
– Diesel: 848000 Lebanese pounds.
– Gas: 401,000 Lebanese pounds.

This morning, Tuesday 20/9/2022, trading is taking place in the parallel market at a price of the dollar, ranging between 39,000 – 39,100 Lebanese pounds for each US dollar.

And the dollar exchange rate closed in the parallel market yesterday evening, Monday, recording between 38900-39,000 Lebanese pounds per US dollar, after it had recorded in the afternoon a price that ranged between 38700-38800 Lebanese pounds per US dollar.


  • Sawt Beirut International