| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Geagea: Hezbollah using border villages for missiles is unacceptable; government must act

“As Hezbollah refuses to implement Resolution 1701 and hand over the borders to the army and international forces in order to avoid a war that none of the Lebanese want, its use of some Lebanese border villages in the districts of Tyre, Bint Jbeil, and Marjayoun as a platform for launching its missiles is unacceptable because it exposes these villages to great dangers,” stated Samir Geagea, the chief of the Lebanese Forces Party, in a statement released on Wednesday.

Geagea expressed regret for the regrettable and depressing incident that occurred yesterday and pointed out that most residents of these villages oppose Hezbollah’s tactics, which include threatening to drive them out of their villages in the face of extremely challenging financial and economic conditions.

He added: “Hezbollah’s insistence on its weapons and its role is not the subject of Lebanese consensus whatsoever, and therefore the least faith is to respect the will of those who do not find any benefit in what it does and to refrain from using the villages and commons of the people for its military purposes….”

“The current government, specifically the Ministers of Defense and Interior, are required to take all necessary measures so that Hezbollah does not use these villages, which do not constitute an incubating environment for its weapons and its role,” Geagea concluded.

  • NNA