| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Geagea: If we enter war, Hezbollah will have committed a major crime

Head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea said on Thursday that war should not reach Lebanon because it will destroy the country, adding that we must do the impossible to prevent it.

He said, “Should we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the Hezbollah? The Lebanese government must implement Resolution 1701.”

Geagea, in an interview on LBCI, believed that the Palestinian cause is not just talk, adding that it consists of restoring rights to the Palestinian people, asking: “Is the Palestinian living the victory of October 7? Strength is not confronted only with other strength but with strength that ‘achieves results.’ What did the Palestinian gain today from the war other than facing poverty and death?”

He also believed that “Hamas unintentionally saved Israel as the October 7 operation led to international sympathy with Israel.

“What has the Axis of Resistance done for the Palestinian cause for 80 years until today?” he asked.

Geagea considered that “the decision of war and peace is hijacked by Hezbollah and Iran,” pointing out that “no one is more involved in the Palestinian cause than Yasser Arafat, who reached the conviction that he must go to the ‘other way.’

On another note, Geagea stressed that Mahmoud Abbas “is the dearest official in the world to him,” adding that he is more committed to the Palestinian cause than many others.

Geagea called for a real solution to the Palestinian issue and affirmed full solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Geagea also stressed that “war must not happen.”

“If we enter the war, Hezbollah will have committed a major crime,” he said.

“Our humanitarian stance towards Shiite citizens is one thing, and our political stance towards Hezbollah is entirely different,” he continued.



  • LBCI