| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Geagea receives delegation representing ‘Lebanese Business & Investment Council’ in Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, met Saturday at the Party’s headquarters in Maarab with a delegation from the “Lebanese Business and Investment Council in Saudi Arabia”, headed by the Council’s Secretary-General Fadi Kasouf, and accompanied by the Lebanese-Gulf Relations Development Authority Head Elie Rizk and Council members, in presence of “Strong Republic” Bloc member, MP Shawki Daccache.

After the meeting, Daccache pointed out that “the delegation conveyed to the LF Chief their concerns over the negative developments between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in wake of the infringement on the security and safety of the Kingdom. In this context, the delegation called on Geagea to use his good relations with the Saudi and Gulf brethrens to restore the best relations with Lebanon and protect the interests of the Lebanese residing in Saudi Arabia.

Daccache indicated that “the head of the Lebanese Forces was clear during the meeting in confirming his continued efforts to reopen the doors of export to Saudi Arabia, but at the same time he was very frank, as he was with all the delegations of the productive sectors that visited him previously, reiterating that the radical solution remains in the hands of the Lebanese state, whose responsibilities include controlling and monitoring its borders and taking all measures that would restore confidence in Lebanon.”

“We had proposed a series of measures and solutions, and we had heard pledges to implement them by those concerned, but until this moment nothing has changed, and on this occasion we appeal to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hope that it will not judge the Lebanese by a small group of people who do not reflect the appreciation, affection and gratitude that the Lebanese people have for Saudi Arabia,” Daccache underlined.

For his part, Kasouf reaffirmed Daccache’s stances and thanked the LF Chief for his support to the Lebanese community residing in KSA, noting that this has prompted the delegation to visit him today to ask for continued assistance in overcoming the current crisis, particularly in light of his friendship with the Saudi Kingdom.

  • NNA