| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Geagea to a delegation of Beirut Fire Brigade martyrs’ families: We will not abandon the cause…Parliamentary majority ought to lift immunities

“Lebanese Forces” Party Chief, Samir Geagea, underlined Saturday that the Beirut Port explosion has been the party’s cause, par excellence, for nearly a year to-date.

“This cause is not just a detail for us, considering that more than 200 martyrs, six thousand wounded, tens of thousands of destroyed homes, hundreds of thousands of displaced families, in addition to all material and moral losses, were victims of the explosion…So, for all of these reasons, everything is worth the case!” he asserted.

Geagea’s words came after his meeting today, at the party’s headquarters in Maarab, with a delegation of the families of the Beirut Fire Brigade martyrs who lost their lives in the port explosion.

He pointed out that “the investigation into this case is currently suspended over the issue of lifting immunities by the Parliament Council, as requested by the judicial investigator,” wondering about the delay in this matter and “why no General Assembly session by the Parliament Council has been assigned to decide on these immunities?”

“It is not acceptable, after August 4, to replay the usual scene in Parliament, where there are committees studying and reviewing issues here and there…This matter is rejected, and the Parliament is required to meet as soon as possible, and to facilitate the work of the judicial investigator. The more the Parliament Council procrastinates and delays, the more we consider that the parliamentary majority is predetermined to obstruct the work of the judicial investigator,” affirmed Geagea.

“It is very important that the parliamentary majority does not place itself under suspicion, as we will continue to exert pressure by all legitimate and legal means so that the Parliament Council convenes the soonest possible and lifts the immunities of all MPs and ministers as requested by the judicial investigator, for this is the only way to facilitate the investigation in order to reach the truth,” he emphasized.

“We will not abandon the cause of the port explosion at any cost,” pledged Geagea to the victims’ families.

  • NNA