| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Geagea to Nasrallah: People might think you are waiting at gas stations

Samir Geagea, Lebanese Forces party leader, said that “The current stage is much more difficult than the days of war, as the damage is affecting every home. During major crises, some people try to take advantage of the situation to improve their position or change some concepts; it is important for us to keep people aware of things at this difficult stage that requires heroes to confront them”.

“It is true that the government today is a caretaker government, but it is required to keep pace with the calamities that befall the people; this is its responsibility, and it should not use the caretaker situation as a pretext”, he added.

Geagea commented on Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, saying that “We hear Nasrallah and his words about the government and his appeal to those responsible for forming the government, while they are all in his hands; Mr. Hassan, whoever hears you might think that you are waiting at a gas station”.

“Continuing to subsidize committees and lifting subsidy at the same time, while losing materials, is a major crime against the people, and we are not asking the caretaker government to perform miracles, but rather to bear its responsibility in proportion to its powers”.

Geagea asked if “the caretaker government is conducting its caretaker work”, adding that “Although Hassan Diab is not responsible for what happened in the country, but it is not permissible to leave the people and not help them to secure their needs”.

Geagea addressed Nasrallah calling him to “ask the President of the Republic to form a government, and if he refuses, take a clear political position; this would be enough, instead of watching the country’s situation and lamenting”.

“I remind you, Mr. Hassan, that you suspended the country for a year and a half because of Aoun’s arrival to the presidency, and I remind you that you have a parliamentary majority and that you formed this government so it is yours; if we complain, that is our right, but how can you complain to us? I remind you that the majority is yours and is responsible for the country, and the people are dying. How can a single Lebanese pound be paid to Iran, and where will it be spent while, we, the people of Lebanon do not know what to do with the Lebanese pound?”.

He said “Mr. Hassan, you are destroying the last existing course in our economy after you destroyed your other courses; instead, stop the pressure to continue with the subsidy, which has cost us billions, was smuggled to Syria, and your group benefited from it. Salvation is always present, and we are called upon today to be steadfast in order to prevent a change in Lebanon’s economy, identity, and culture; the key to salvation is early parliamentary elections, which Nasrallah considered a waste of time, but is there a more important reason after months of not being able to form a government?”.

Geagea stressed that “Gasoline must be placed in tanks, and the tanks in Lebanon either belong to private companies, which will not accept Iran’s gasoline because sanctions will target them, or the property of the state, which if we put it in its tanks, we will not be able to import medications anymore”.

  • Sawt Beirut International