| 17 October 2021, Sunday |

Geagea urges President, PM not to surrender to Hezbollah’s threats

“The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the cabinet are asked to assume their duties and refuse to surrender to Hezbollah’s threats,” stated Samir Geagea, the Leader of the Lebanese Forces.

“They must resign immediately if they cave to such pressure and suspend the investigation into the Beirut Port Blast,” Geagea said after a gathering of the “Strong Republic” parliamentary bloc at his Maarab residence.

“Nothing is more important than justice,” he said, emphasizing that the judiciary will have the final say.

In response to the attempts to overthrow Judicial Investigative Judge Tarek Bitar, Geagea called on the “free people of Lebanon” to prepare for a nonviolent national strike if the other camp continues to “impose its will by force.”