| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Jabara: I wasn’t officially notified about subsidy removal by May

Syndicate of Medicine Importers Head, Karim Jabara, confirmed that “until this moment, I have not been informed by any official authority about the removal of drugs subsidies on May 1. I can’t figure out what will happen to the insurers and patients in such event.”

During a television interview, Jabara pointed out that “the only plan brought to the table is the one set by the Ministerial Committee and the Ministry of Health. The present plan stipulates the rise of tariff of medicines that don’t require a prescription, in addition to medicines consumed for a long period of time, according to the rate of 3,900 Lebanese pounds.”

“Two days ago, the Banque du Liban asked all drug importers to request prior approval before importing medicines. This regulation was never a requirement, but indicates that bank’s funds are insignificant and lack money,” Jabara explained.

“Some shipments have already landed, while others are in the process. We will submit requests for approval, hoping that the Banque du Liban will issue approval.  In the field of medicine, prices cannot be set blindly, because they are set by the Minister of Health, even after the removal of subsidies.”

  • Sawt Beirut International