| 26 February 2024, Monday |

“Gebran Bassil must be toppled for these reasons,” says Geagea

Lebanese Forces Chief Samir Geagea confirmed that “some people think that Ghayath Yazbek is running in Batroun to topple Gebran Bassil, but this is not true, not because we do not want to topple Basil, but because the “Lebanese Forces” has candidates across all regions, and a well-defined project.”

He added: “The Lebanese Forces, since its inception have always carried out rescue projects that fit the era and the problems we suffer from. For this reason, they dissolved the “Lebanese Forces” party in 1994 when it had a well-defined rescue project for the guardianship phase. Today, we are carrying out a major rescue project after the severe situation the country has reached, and to achieve it we need the largest number of deputies.”

Geagea added: “Gebran Bassil must be brought down for various reasons, I will enumerate the main ones: For 12 consecutive years, he dominated the Ministry of Energy and was obstructing the formation of governments for many months in order to obtain this ministry. The last example wad during the latest government formation, despite everything the country is going through, we witnessed a big problem in the same issue. Many friendly countries worked to help Lebanon, such as France, which tried to remove Bassil and his team from the Energy Ministry.

Commenting on Bassil’s statement, “We came to work but they didn’t let us,” Geagea said: “Since they did not let you work”, why are you insisting on this ministry? You were supposed to give up and let another party work on it, when they did not allow you to work properly.”

  • Sawt Beirut International