| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Gemayel: Hezbollah is pursuing a gradual process to impose its total control over Lebanon

The Head of the Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel, confirmed that the green light to form a government has not been issued by Hezbollah yet, which is the decision maker in Lebanon, and therefore owns the decision to form a government.

Gemayel added, “Hezbollah is delaying the government formation due to certain considerations, and it may decide later to facilitate the process, but the decision is definitely taken by Hezbollah.”

Gemayel, in an intervention via Al-Hadath, described the negotiations related to the formation of the government as a movie. He said, “We’ve been without a government for more than a year ago, when Hassan Diab stepped down in August following the Beirut Port blast, and even though some parties are obstructing its formation.” He added that negotiations on portfolios, conditions, blocking third, are ongoing but we are still in the first square.

Gemayel pointed out that the obstacles are announced through media, but the reality is that the formation decision is related to Hezbollah only, and to Iran’s strategy in the region, and whether it wants a government in Lebanon or do not want it.

Gemayel considered that all what is being broadcasted about positive or negative indicators is to distract the Lebanese at a time the people are starving and are unable to continue their lives normally due to the financial and economic meltdown.

He considered that the formation of the government according to the previous form, which is mainly the approach of quotas and sharing benefits and a preparation for the next stages under the auspices of Hezbollah. He added that if the government is formed, it will be in the form of previous governments that were unable to carry out any reform or openness to the world and the Arab world in particular.

Gemayel said: “Since the first day, we proposed forming an independent government capable of restoring the confidence and involving competent people who are free from the logic of quotas and corruption that exists in Lebanon.” However, unfortunately, all the political parties blamed for the country’s collapse are the ones that name the ministers, therefore, we cannot imagine that the government will be able to achieve any success.

He also stressed the need to protect the basic entitlement, which is the parliamentary elections.

In response to a question about the Iranian ships, Gemayel considered that Hezbollah is pursuing a gradual process to impose its control over Lebanon, its people, its institutions, and its economy. The party is trying to drag Lebanon to the axis to which it belongs. Hezbollah wans Lebanon, like Syria and Iran, to be in one axis in the face of the world and international legitimacy. Thus the Lebanese people will be exposed to sanctions similar to the opposition countries.

Gemayel added: “Hezbollah portrays itself as the savior at a time when it is responsible for this tragedy and what the country has reached, and it is trying to place Lebanon as a country that needs guardianship. Since Lebanon is isolated at all levels, Iran presents itself as its savior and patron.”

Gemayel said, “This logic that Nasrallah preaches in all his interventions, that the international community is isolating Lebanon while Iran is saving it, is not true because Hezbollah itself is isolating Lebanon and putting it in the state of conflict with the Arab world and international legitimacy. If Lebanon receives the Iranian oil, it will pay the cost through the US sanctions.”

  • Sawt Beirut International