| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Gemayel: “Wafiq Safa subdued judiciary!”

Head of the Kataeb Party, the resigned MP, Sami Gemayel, said: “I condole the family of the 220th victim, Ibrahim Harb, and I remember all the victims and we remember our comrades and all the victims of the explosion.”

“We remember them daily when we see attempts to evade accountability in Justice Palace” Gemayel added during a press conference.

He continued, “They have brought the country to the most difficult and cruel stage, because of their policies, settlements and their commercial spirit.”

Gemayel added: “They led us to completely hand over our decision to Iran through Hezbollah, which controls all joints of institutions and the state, from borders to the judiciary, authority and presidents, and everyone act according to the party’s tutelage.”

And he saw that, “When the prime minister was asked about the border violation, he said that he is sad, it is his responsibility to be with others in charge of protecting the borders, but they are complicit in letting Iran controls all joints of our lives and the joints of the state.”

Gemayel pointed out that “they are unable to do anything to help people in their tragedies, poverty is increasing as well as migration, while they are sticking to their posts, and they are doing everything to evade accountability or change.”

He added: “The last phase in preventing accountability was in the “Adliye”- Justice Palkace-series, by refusing to lift immunities and evasion, and when Bitar found a loophole, they found another to deter him, by orders from Hezbollah.”

Gemayel stressed that “Wafeeq Safa went to “Adliye”,  met with senior judges and was able to subdue the judiciary.”