| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Ghajar: “ Fuel deal with Iraq completed, we’re not going neither East nor West.”

Caretaker Minister of Energy and Water Raymond Ghajar signed with the Iraqi government the final contract to import one million tons of fuel, which is supposed to arrive in Lebanon in the upcoming weeks, provided that the payment is bartered by services and goods, as the Iraqi official agency reported. Ghajar added that EDL will work on prolonging the provision of electric energy based on the fuel that we will get from Iraq, and we will not go east or west.

Earlier, Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, announced that the fuel (one-million-liters ) agreement with Iraq has been achieved, and the contract will be signed within two days, “so we will receive the quantity within two weeks, while arrangements will be made between Banque du Liban and its Iraqi counterpart.” The announcement was made during an introductory meeting with the comprehensive consultative of provinces’ representatives.

It is expected that this agreement will improve the electricity sector in Lebanon, and deliver it from the threatening darkness. In return, Lebanon will provide Iraq with some medical and agricultural services.

Ibrahim also pointed out that Iraq will help Lebanon with long-term loans that will help it overcome its crises.