| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Hajjar: There is no salvation for Lebanon without its educated and steadfast youth on its land

The Minister of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar praised “the qualitative and innovative work that represents the pride of the Lebanese industry in every sense of the word.”

During his meeting in the presence of the head of the Central Inspection Judge George Attieh, representatives of the World Bank, Hanin El Sayed and Khalil Dagher, the Informatics Officer in the Central Inspection Charbel Nehme and the “IMPACT” platform team headed by Dr. Carole Sharabati, that there is no salvation for Lebanon without its educated and steadfast youth on its land.

Hajjar expressed his admiration for “what the IMPACT team has accomplished over the past two years.”

Judge Attieh confirmed that “the clock will not turn back in the digital oversight work of the Central Inspection, which monitors, directs, coordinates and follows up through its digital tool with a modest team of general inspectors and assistants.”

He said: “The ration card program on the “IMPACT” platform will consider the implementation of the five principles of data governance : transparency, societal justice, privacy, data security and protection.”

Attieh saluted the “IMPACT” team, which “still believes in Lebanon and is making every effort to support the Central Inspection in its qualitative transition from traditional to digital oversight, which achieves rapid and tangible results in how to manage crises and the success of strategic national plans.”

  • Sawt Beirut International