| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Halabi: Talks have started with the World Bank to secure additional incentives for teachers

Minister of Education Abbas al-Halabi revealed that “discussions have begun with the World Bank mission about three weeks ago, aimed at securing additional incentives for teachers, contractuals and all workers in the vocational education field, with the value of these incentives estimated at approximately $180 at the Sairafa exchange rate.

“The Ministry is working during the weekend to complete the accounting procedures and set the frames of reference in order to cooperate with an external audit company, to meet the conditions set by the World Bank to approve the exchange, and it is expected that these requirements will be completed early next week,” al-Halabi said.

The Education Minister indicated that “these incentives are an additional support for the incentive system that is currently being implemented through a monthly transfer to all education workers.”

  • NNA