| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Handover ceremony at Ministry of Finance: Wazni says no way out except by negotiating with IMF, Khalil anticipates “serious battle”

Former Finance Minister, Ghazi Wazni, on Tuesday confirmed during the handover ceremony with newly appointed Minister, Youssef Khalil, that there was no way out of the prevailing crisis except by negotiating with the International Monetary Fund.

“The new minister is supposed to sign the new contract with Alvarez; he has also been following up on the plan that will be presented to the IMF,” Wazni said.

He explained that funds for the ration card that had been launched were available from the World Bank.

“The World Bank has previously shown its full readiness to help the poor. As for liberating the funds, this requires a decision by the House of Parliament,” he added.

For his part, Minister Khalil said that it was a historic and fateful moment for Lebanon, which has already suffered a lot.

“We will either fail or succeed in rectifying and restructuring the situation; winning is not easy and Lebanon must work to prove its worth. This is a great challenge for us,” Khalil added.

  • NNA