| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Haroun appeals to: If diesel will not be provided today, oxygen will be cut off from hospitals

The head of the Syndicate of Hospital Owners, Suleiman Haroun, warned of the danger of diesel fuel shortage in “Chehab” factory, that provides oxygen to 65 percent of hospitals in Lebanon, and the remaining quantity at the factory will run out within hours of the day.

Haroun told Al Markaziya: I was informed by the owner of “Chehab” factory, the largest oxygen factory in Lebanon, that he no longer has any quantity of diesel, and no one delivers him the quantity he needs, therefore today ​the manufacturing machines will be running out of diesel.

And he warned that “if he didn’t receive fuel today, the factory will close its doors tomorrow, and therefore oxygen will be cut off for two-thirds of the hospitals at a time when it is most needed in light of the return of “Covid-19” pandemic, which is the primary necessary material for the “Covid-19” patient.

Haroun reminded that “this factory needs 20,000 liters per day, and if he doesn’t receive this quantity per day, he cannot operate the factory, and it is also necessary to deliver an additional quantity to secure some stock so that it can complete the work when the delivery is delayed, because if the manufacturing stops for one day, it takes 4 days.” At least to get the machines back to work.”

He continued, “The factory owner has not yet received a single point of diesel, and if he resorts to the black market, he will pay more than 15 million pounds for the price of a thousand liters, and he’s not able to pay that cost first, and second, if he do pay, the price of oxygen will rise, which will reflect in the bill of the patient at the end.

Haroun was surprised, “How was the factory warehouse seized, which contained 300,000 liters of mazut, enough for 15 days, while it’s obligated to store this quantity so that oxygen would not be cut off from hospitals!”

  • Sawt Beirut International