| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Hasan: 3 Southern Suburbs’ warehouses were included in inventory, no red lines in this aspect.

Caretaker Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, announced that “the reality of the historical situation that prevailed in Lebanon with the control of money mafias and drug cartels is not acceptable. Rather, it must be confronted with boldness and responsibility, especially since the current situation is completely different from what prevailed. If capitalists invest only for profit, then they must adjust their priorities, for the citizen is a soul, and not a commodity.”

He confirmed during a television interview that “health security is a red line, and no one is targeted by the raids carried out, it only aims at confronting monopoly and corruption to protect all citizens of all sectarian and regional spectrums,” adding that “the ministry is making an inventory of thirty-six warehouses for supplies, implants and medical reagents, including three in the southern suburbs and there are no red lines in this aspect.”

He reassured citizens that “the supplies are stacked in warehouses, which indicates that traders were waiting for the zero moment of lifting of subsidies announcement in order to sell the subsidized goods at the market exchange rate. Therefore, we had to move and confront, because the citizen is the weakest link.”

Hasan revealed that the governor of Banque du Liban “did not mention lifting the subsidy during a recent meeting he held with him, in the presence of the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Dr. Asem Araji, but rather, he confirmed the continuation of payment of one hundred million dollars per month.