| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Hasan to citizens: Do not allow anyone blackmail you, vaccines will reach everyone for free

The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, confirmed that what is happening today is a gradual escape from measures, and this is dangerous, and “ I warn citizens against re-starting  July 2020 scenario.”

Hassan said in a televised interview: “The Lebanese University conducts PCRs at the airport, and it conducts an analysis for every test to detect any person with a mutated corona upon arrival, and we are in constant contact with them.”

And he considered that the great achievement is that at the height of the crisis when we reached 98% of hospital bed’s occupancy rate, one died at home, nor did we see in Lebanon what we saw in Italy and India.

He added, “There is a convergence between the cumulative number of infections in Lebanon and the cumulative number of citizens who received the first dose of the vaccine, but there is a wide difference in the numbers of deaths between the two categories.”

He explained that “yesterday we started vaccinating employees in the public sector, and by mid-July, we will reach 70% of community immunity in Lebanon.”

He pointed out that talking about smuggling vaccines or politicizing its distribution is “nonsense” and if something similar happens in a particular center, this matter condemns the center’s management, and not the Ministry of Health.

He continued: “There are 900 thousand registered on the platform and have not received any dose yet, and we will finish vaccinating them with the first dose of” Pfizer “by June. And he added: “there is an understudy case of one person who died after been vaccinated with Astrazanica, and other 8 cases are being verified related to other vaccines.”

He said, “For those who registered on the platform and did not appear on time, they should re-register and put another phone number.” He directed the citizens, saying: “Do not allow anyone blackmail you, and the vaccine will reach everyone.” He added, “It is forbidden to pay $ 10 for a vaccine,” because the vaccine will reach everyone for free, and we will not be late.