| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Hasan: What is found in monopolized drug warehouses is a valuable hunt

The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, inspected last night a drug warehouse in Toul, Nabatieh, where large quantities of stored medicines were found, including many kinds which prices increased after the subsidy was reduced, although the warehouse had bought it earlier on the basis of the subsidized dollar price of 1500 L. L. in addition to other quantities of incurable and chronic diseases medicines.

Minister Hassan regretted what he described as “a criminal mafia mind that dominates monopolists and opportunists,” stressing that “what is found in monopolistic drug warehouses is “valuable hunting” and a resounding scandal, especially since these places are not equipped with the best storage conditions to preserve the effectiveness of drugs.”

And he hoped that the raids he carried out during the last hours, which included warehouses in Jadra, Al-Aqibia and Toul, would be a “lesson for everyone who thinks of doing so.”

He announced, “the medicines confiscated will be distributed equally in light of a signal from the juridiciary.”

He revealed the arrest of two monopolists, stressing that “it is necessary to arrest all perpetrators and open their institutions for sale to the general public.”

He also wished “citizens not to hesitate and report on any residential apartment or illegal drug store, so that it can be raided and take the necessary measures.”