| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Hashem calls for responding to Speaker Berri’s initiative, being the only available means

Member of the “Development and Liberation” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Kassem Hashem, highlighted Sunday the need for various sides to respond to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s initiative with regards to the stalled government formation process, as it is the only available pathway at this stage.

Speaking before municipal, social and agricultural delegations and dignitaries who visited his Shebaa residence today, Hashem said that “the atmosphere surrounding the issue of the government is still the same despite some tension that prevailed last week, and the deterioration of people’s life conditions continues because crises cannot be solved by mere statements and stubbornness, but rather by forming a capable and effective rescue government that takes remedial decisions for all aspects of the crisis and develops an integrated rescue plan.”

Hashem assured that “the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese is what governs the course, vision and notions of Speaker Berri, away from sectarian and partisan considerations,” adding that “extremism and bias to protect Lebanon and the Lebanese are a national act and a basic requirement for things to be straightened out so that the public interest can prevail over everything else.”

Amidst the daily humiliation and suffering that the Lebanese citizen is subjected to, the MP deemed it shameful to continue with the persisting obstinacy just to pass some gains. Instead, he emphasized that the political forces and those concerned with the government formation ought to abandon their selfishness and narrow personal interests, and venture into a mutual understanding over common denominators, since any further procrastination and arrogance at the expense of citizens’ dignity and wellbeing can no longer be tolerated.

  • NNA