| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Hawat: 80% of crossings are under “Hezbollah” control and no decision for controlling it

The state legalizes illegal smuggling of subsidized materials and goods from the “pockets” of the Lebanese, who are humiliated daily to obtain subsidized goods due to their scarcity. Despite complaints and media reports, and smuggling operations documented with videos and photos, the concerned agencies did not move and the competent judiciary did not handle the file.

In this context, MP Ziad Al-Hawat submitted, about a year ago, to the Public Prosecution Office of Discrimination on smuggling and illegal crossings, and the file included documents and documents on different smuggling operations across the Lebanese-Syrian borders. What is his fate?

“Evasion is still going on, which means that the judiciary has not moved and the investigation process has not progressed,” Hawat replied through “AL Markaziya ,” pointing out that “until this moment there has been no political decision to control borders, since 80% of it  are under Hezbollah’s control.

He explained that “smuggling is one of the most important pillars of the party’s economy. The Lebanese government has not yet given the army a political decision to control the borders. In short, the political decision does not exist. In parallel, the judicial and military decisions are also suspended.

“While the borders are loose, smuggling remains unchanged, as huge quantities of subsidized goods are smuggled into Syria instead of the Lebanese citizen benefiting from it ,” he said. In addition, many of the subsidized goods benefit Syrians residing in Lebanon or refugees, plus those who come to Lebanon to buy from institutions and supermarkets.

Hawat described the situation as a “living-economic disaster because the government has not yet presented a roadmap to rationalize support and establish an economic plan that allows protection of what is left of the mandatory reserve at the Banque du Liban.”

He concluded, “If the report was about one of the private construction works, it would have been decided at a tremendous speed, but a decision related to a country larger than the Lebanese state would be immediately suspended, as well as all the details associated to it.”

AL Markaziya