| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Hawat says Hezbollah is making huge profits from oil

MP Ziad al-Hawat affirmed that the ‘Strong Republic’ parliamentary bloc “will closely monitor the government’s work, and will never be in a position of obstruction, but it will not allow corruption after today and will confront any attempt to pass suspicious projects.”

Speaking in an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon 93.3” Radio Channel this morning, the MP stressed “the importance of the parliamentary elections as a pivotal event that would bring about radical change in the ruling system,” noting that “the upcoming elections will give people a choice between two projects, either covering corruption and leading the country to isolation and collapse or seeking the establishment of a state of institutions and transparency.”

Hawat emphasized herein the “right of every Lebanese inside and outside Lebanon to participate in the elections,” pledging to “prevent any attempt to prevent expatriates from voting and to stand in the way of any attempt to postpone the parliamentary elections under any pretext.”

Commenting on the Iranian fuel entering Lebanon, Hawat asked the government and the Ministry of Energy about the manner in which the oil entered the Lebanese territories, and whether or not fees and taxes were paid?

“When they stop smuggling across the border, we no longer need Iranian or other diesel,” he asserted, while referring to “the huge profits that Hezbollah is reaping from this oil” and accusing it “of taking the country into Arab and international isolation.”

Hawat also highlighted the need for adopting expanded administrative decentralization across the country “after the experience of the central state proved its failure.”

  • NNA