| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Hawat: There will be no cabinet session

Representative Ziad Hawat said via a radio interview that: The President of the Republic should have called for a dialogue table immediately after the previous parliamentary elections, and start discussing the defense strategy, but today this call is nothing but an electoral political evasion, in order to reduce the size of the losses they incurred on the eve of the Parliamentary elections.

He also stated that: There will be no session of the Council of Ministers, and the budget will not be discussed, and all they do is “loose talk and slogans,” and this country cannot continue in this pattern and with this system, and the solution is to go to administrative decentralization, adding that the axis of opposition has brought all calamities to Lebanon, and we are paying the bill for Hezbollah and all its wrong political performance.

Hawat continued:”The Free Patriotic Movement is taking advantage of the power to distribute subsidized diesel at less than its market price, and he asked, Is this not “electoral diesel”?