| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

Hawat warns of major security explosion, says Hezbollah & FPM are adopting obstruction

MP Ziad al-Hawat called today for “speeding up the formation of the government and overcoming the obstacles.”

In an interview this morning with “Voice of All Lebanon 93.3” Radio Station, Hawat warned of “a major security explosion,” noting that “the recent diplomatic movement falls within the context of fear of this huge collapse that will affect the entire region, in which no one has any interest.”

Hawat pointed out that “Hezbollah’s presence in the government is not the main obstacle for the international community, but rather being the decision-maker in it,” adding that “the American leadership has adopted the French initiative.”

He considered that “Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement are adopting a policy of obstruction to serve their own interests by trying to secure the third veto power, pending the Iranian-American settlement,” calling on the Parliament Council to “move to stop the obstruction before the huge collapse.”

The MP expressed his fear that the parliamentary elections will not be held on time, “so the outcome would be handing Lebanon over to the opposition project,” stressing his “adherence to the approved electoral law because any discussion of a new law will lead to the postponement of the elections.”

Hawat emphasized the need for Caretaker PM Hassan Diab to assume his responsibilities and perform the minimum at the level of ensuring the flow of business until the formation of the new government in light of the crises we are suffering, since his retreat will not help in putting pressure towards the cabinet formation.

The MP regretted the absence of all reform laws on the agenda of the Parliament Council, such as the Capital Control, the rationing card, and putting an end to all smuggling, while only the laws that serve electoral campaigns and political propaganda are actually included on said agenda. “The lesson remains in applying the laws under a judiciary that is independent of the power of politicians, in order to be able to stop suspicious deals and hold the corrupt accountable,” Hawat asserted.

He concluded by affirming that the “Strong Republic” bloc will vote tomorrow against the draft bill to grant a monetary advance to the electricity sector, because the advance would be from depositors’ money and half of it will go to brokers, preferring “total darkness over waste and corruption.”

  • NNA