| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Hawat: We harnessed our capabilities to solve crises with minimal damage

Caretaker Tele-Communications Minister, Talal Hawat, affirmed today that all the capabilities of his ministry, as well as his personal capabilities and his relations are “at the service of citizens and throughout all regions to face the successive crises, from the Corona pandemic to the recent medicine and fuel crises.”

“We have harnessed our capabilities with the aim of trying to get out of these crises with the least harm to the citizens and the people who suffer from our shortcomings and the failure of the state’s apparatuses in the face of the smuggling mafias and the exploitation of the dire circumstances,” he said.

Hawat’s words came during his meeting today with the head of the “Independent National Movement”, Fadi Malik al-Khair, who visited him at his Tripoli residence, with talks centering on the prevailing situation in the country.

The Caretaker Minister deemed that “state institutions and citizens are the first losers in the face of the madness and greed of traders and smugglers, in the absence of any real plan to confront them and put an end to their financial brutality,” while stressing that “PM Diab’s government has worked hard to address these issues within the available means.”

For his part, al-Khair emphasized “the need today for fair elections that would reproduce a new authority that tends to citizens’ concerns,” and highlighted “the necessity of educating citizens about their duties in partaking in the voting process, as about 60% do not participate under the pretext of dissatisfaction, while in fact they are able to achieve real change.”

Meanwhile, he commended the “exceptional efforts of Minister Hawat, whether in the telecommunications sector or in communicating with the people on the ground.”

  • NNA