| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Head of Fuel Importers Association: Stations have enough for consumption, not for storage

Head of the Fuel Importers Association, Maroun Shammas, explained that the disappearance of the queues after the price schedule was issued yesterday, proves that the quantities were sufficient, and that the problem was in the rise in international prices, and fear of interruption, stressing that the stations have enough for consumption, and not for storage.

Shammas pointed out via a radio interview, that the fear is of diesel fuel interruption, explaining that no one has the courage to request for ships in the Black Sea for fear of sanctions against Russia, pointing out that the search for alternative markets for Russia still exists to contain the crisis with the available means.

It is noteworthy that Energy Minister Walid Fayyad previously confirmed that “gasoline is available and in sufficient quantities for the Lebanese market,” considering that “what is happening now at the fuel stations is a fabricated crisis, because the price of a barrel of global oil has risen, but we cannot specify the date on which we will issue the schedule for the new oil pricing for importing companies.

He called on citizens to “not rush to buy gasoline.”

Yesterday, the price of a 95 octane canister of gasoline rose by 28,000 pounds, and 98 octane by 27,000 pounds, and the price of diesel rose by 52,000 pounds and the price of gas 9000 pounds.

The prices became as follows:

– 95 octane gasoline : 425,000 pounds
– 98 octane gasoline: 434000 pounds
– Diesel: 427,000 pounds
– Gas: 297,000 pounds.


  • Sawt Beirut International