| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Health Minister modifies targeted groups for receiving Covid-19 vaccine

Caretaker Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan issued a memorandum on Wednesday amending the groups targeted for receiving Covid 19 vaccine.

The memorandum indicated that the National Committee for Covid-19 Vaccine has decided to modify the plan set for the targeted groups who are eligible to get the vaccine.

The committee decided to merge the first two stages (AI and BI) in one stage, so all workers in public and private hospitals will continue receiving the vaccine. All people above 65 years age will start receiving their vaccine, as well as adults between the age-group 64-65 years who suffer from chronic diseases. This decision will be effective as of April 1, and they will be provided Pfizer vaccine.

The committee modified the categories included in the second stage (AII) to include the following: People between the age group 64 and 65, as well as people working in public administrations such as ministries, institutions, administrations, and municipalities. This category will be provided AstraZeneca vaccine and will be effective as of April 1.

The stage BII will include people with special needs and people working in centers dedicated for themle, as well elderly hospices and jails. This stage also includes people in the group age 16-54, who suffer from chronic diseases. The decision will be effective after finalizing stage AII.

The third stage includes the teaching staff and people working in the schools and nurseries (a quick decision was enacted to inoculate teachers and school workers for third year secondary). This stage also includes people who work in places of high risk for transmitting the virus. It also includes people who take care of their family members that are above 65 years, or with special needs.

The last stage VI includes all citizens who have the desire to get inoculated.

Vaccination Plan

Vaccination Plan


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