| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Health Minister says, “The health situation is tragic, we are in dire need to hold a cabinet session”

The Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad said “We are in a tragic health situation, and we are in dire need for holding a Cabinet session in order to run the affairs of the Ministry and the citizens.”

In an interview with Al-Jadeed, he added: “All of these issues are put aside and not tackled due to political differences.”

Abiad said: “We will put our efforts to avoid a lockdown decision, because losing a third academic year will be a disaster. I will meet with the Minister of Education next week to take a decision regarding returning to schools, and we will do everything to save the school year because canceling it will have a “disastrous” effect on this generation.”

Abiad concluded: “There is nothing more important than the tragic circumstances we are going through. In Lebanon we do not know how to manage our disputes, and a way must be found to detach these differences from the citizen’s daily files.”

  • Sawt Beirut International