| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Health Ministry: Calling 1214 and 1787 is free

The Ministry of Public Health announced “the approval of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on its request to exempt citizens from the cost of calling the hotlines 1214 and 1787 in order to reduce the financial burden on them, especially  Corona patients and their contacts.”

It stated in a statement that line 1787 is for inquiries about Corona.

As for Line 1214, it is for the vaccine, so that it receives requests from people who have exceptional health conditions or surgeries that require urgent vaccination and attach their medical file to the request information, it also provides a service of assistance in registration and verification of data, resending messages confirming the registration or completing it or scheduling the date of the first dose In the event that the citizen has not chosen the date yet.

It allows modification of the data and the centers for taking the vaccine and its timing, in addition to recording the negative effects resulting from receiving the vaccine, if any, solving technical problems on the platform and registering complaints against any of the vaccination centers.