| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Health ministry requests hospitals in North to receive the wounded, bodies of Tripoli incident

The Ministry of Public Health’s media office announced in a statement today that it has informed hospitals in the North region to receive the wounded casualties in the Tripoli boat accident, as well as the bodies of the victims, and to complete the necessary procedures to deliver the bodies to the families.

Director of Medical Care at the Ministry, Dr. Joseph al-Helou, stated that “the medical teams affiliated with the Public Health Ministry are coordinating relief measures with the Lebanese army and the Red Cross in the port of Tripoli, where immediate treatment was carried out in-place for 36 persons who were slightly injured while eight other wounded persons have been transferred to nearby hospitals for further medical attention before leaving at dawn.”

“Two additional wounded were admitted to the Islamic Hospital this morning,” the statement added, while indicating that the bodies of six victims have been received so far, including that of the little girl.

  • NNA