| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Here are the top names in the official exams

Yesterday, the results of the official exams for the secondary certificate in its four branches were released. Here are the names of the top students in each branch and their averages:

Yacoub Tony Fram, LH, from Ghazir, student of Ghazir Public High School, with a GPA of 17,926.

Rafqa Antoine Ibrahim, SE, from Koura, student of Saint Theresa High School – Amioun, with a GPA of 19,032

Nadine Fadi Hajj Shehadeh SG, from Shehim, Rafic Hariri High School student with a GPA of 19,444

Sarah Fouad Al-Mawla, SV, from Harbata Baalbek, student of Martyr Hassan Kassir High School, with a GPA of 19,500

  • Sawt Beirut International