| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Here are the winners in the elections of the Order of Pharmacists 

The “Nakabati Sanadi” group won 10 seats in the Order of Pharmacists elections, distributed among the Order’s Council, the Pension Fund, and the Disciplinary Council, while the “Al Sayadila Yantafidon” won two seats, and “Al damir Al mihani” won 5 seats.

The winners for the Council of Order of Pharmacists included 11 members, according to the regulations:

Fadi Hdeib (Al damir Al mihani)

Ziad Al-Hajj Chehadeh (Al damir Al mihani)

Najib Mahfoud (Al damir Al mihani)

Bassam Hneini (Al damir Al mihani)

Joe Salloum (Nakabati Sanadi)

Abdel Rahman Marbaoui (Nakabati Sanadi)

Sohail Al Gharib (Nakabati Sanadi)

Carol Deeb (Nakabati Sanadi)

Marwa El-Gamal (Nakabati Sanadi)

Mohammad Jaber (Nakabati Sanadi)

Faraj Saadeh (Al Sayadila Yantafidon)


Pension Fund Membership (11 members)

Fadi Nasreddine (Al damir Al mihani)

Hussein Farhat (Nakabati Sanadi)

Georgina Neematallah (Nakabati Sanadi)

Ihsan Karaki (Al Sayadila Yantafidon)

Disciplinary Board Members (2)

Vera Haider

Bahia Fadel

The polls in the Order of Pharmacists reopened from five to eight in the evening to elect a President among the candidates Joe Salloum and Faraj Saadeh.


At 2:00 p.m., the polls closed in the Pharmacists Syndicate, and the turnout had become shy due to poor organization. When the counting of votes is completed and the winning members announced, voting for the position of captain will begin.

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