| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Hezbollah says Palestinian media received treacherous blow

Hezbollah stated that “the Palestinian media received a treacherous blow. While Israel is waging a genocidal war against the Palestinian people, the European company operating the Eutelsat satellite decided to stop broadcasting the Al-Aqsa TV channel, preventing the world from accessing the injustices suffered by the Palestinian people, exposing all the false Western claims about media neutrality and freedom of expression.”

Hezbollah also considered “this move a shameless complicity with Israel in its brutal war against innocent Palestinian citizens and a malicious attempt to cover up Israeli crimes that are becoming apparent to the world, following the killing of journalists in Gaza and Lebanon.”

Furthermore, Hezbollah condemned “this unjust step,” declaring its “solidarity with Al-Aqsa TV channel and all free media that will remain resolute in exposing the occupation’s practices and revealing its crimes to the world.”

  • LBCI