| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

“Hot touristic summer bodes well for a massive return of expatriates,” says Nassar

Tourism Minister Walid Nassar indicated that “a hot touristic summer awaits us this year following the Corona pandemic, according to reservations and flight lines that herald a massive return of expatriates.”

Speaking to “Radio Ehden” this morning, Nassar said: “The Ministry of Tourism cooperated with the various committees of Lebanon’s international festivals to arrange for festivities in central Beirut that would restore life to this region after the August 4th blast.”

He stressed that the priority of his ministry today lies within the administrative decentralization plan to open tourism offices in different parts of Lebanon. He disclosed herein that he has deliberated with MP Tony Franjieh and various prominent dignitaries and officials from the Zgharta-Ehden region over opening the Ehden tourism office this summer.

Nassar considered that the tourist situation is not as hazy as it is being portrayed to be, especially that 2010 tourists entered Lebanon in the past month.

In this connection, and in his capacity as head of the higher committee tasked with preparations for the Pope’s visit to Lebanon, Minister Nassar called on all citizens from Zgharta and the North, including schools and university students, to volunteer to help in this “historic and important visit in both content and timing.”


  • NNA