| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

How much voter turnout in expatriate countries so far?

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Abdullah Bouhabib, read out the numbers of the voting rates in some countries, which are as follows:

Australia: The number of registered voters reached 20,661, of whom 11,321, or 54.83%, voted in Sydney, 9,021 voters, or 55 percent, voted, Canberra recorded the lowest turnout with 40 percent, while Melbourne recorded 55 percent, which constitutes a general total. It reached 55 percent in Australia.

In the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, 3,289 voted until 3:30 pm, or 42 percent. In Abu Dhabi, 2893 voted, or 56 percent, which is very large percentages. Accordingly, the total percentage in the UAE is 44.61 percent so far.

In Europe, out of the seventy thousand registered voters on the lists, 14,000 have voted, or 20 percent, in France, 4,232 have voted so far, in Germany 3,480 have voted, Britain and Northern Ireland have voted 1,288. As for the rest of the European countries, the voting has not exceeded 1,000.

Minister Bou Habib pointed out that “the voting rates in Africa are not high so far, as the total rate has reached 13 percent.”

  • Sawt Beirut International