| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Huge Hezbollah’s tunnels network extends across Lebanon, discovered.

The Israeli army uncovered a “Hezbollah network of tunnels extending across Lebanon intended to transport personnel and weapons, dug with North Korean help,” Israeli media reported

The “Jerusalem Post” agency pointed out that “Hezbollah” started the tunnel project in the aftermath of  2006, war with the help of North Koreans and Iranians, and it is much larger than the Hamas metro project in Gaza Strip.

The report stated that “the network is supposed to link Beirut, the central headquarters of the party, and the Bekaa region, which the party uses as a rear base for its logistical operations in southern Lebanon.”

According to the report, “The tunnels are wide enough to allow motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles and other vehicles to move through it, in order to strengthen defense positions or carry out an attack in a safe and protected place, in an invisible manner.”

It added: “Similar to Hamas project, the tunnels contain underground command and control rooms, weapons and supplies depots, field clinics, and corridors, designated to launch rockets of all kinds.”

The report pointed out that “these tunnels are also used for artillery shelling through hidden and camouflaged openings, that open for a short period, and cannot be detected from above the ground, it does not cross the borders with Israel, and it is similar to the N.Korea’s ones”

In 2018, the Israeli army launched Operation Northern Shield to discover and destroy all cross-border tunnels dug by Hezbollah in northern Israel.