| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

Ibrahim to soldiers on ‘resistance day’: the next stage is fraught with military, security risks

On the occasion of “Resistance and Liberation Day,” Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim addressed the military and security members, saluting the heroes who died in defense of Lebanon in the face of the mightiest country that claimed to have an unconquerable force, a claim that was destroyed by Lebanon.

“This bright juncture in the history of Lebanon, which was a sign of unison for the Lebanese, established a new strategic equation as Lebanon prevented the Israeli enemy from achieving its expansionist goals, so our homeland became the first line of defense for the Arabs, and grew stronger with its army, security institutions, people, and resistance,” he said.

“On this national occasion, I call upon you to show the highest degree of discipline, and to ensure permanent readiness to fight security battles in the face of Israeli intelligence violations that breach national security and Lebanon’s sovereignty, disregarding all international laws and norms,” Ibrahim went on.

He added: “The continuation of the Israeli enemy in committing land, sea and air violations, and its intransigence in continuing to occupy a dear part of our homeland in the hills of Kfar Shouba and Shebaa farms, as well as in the sea, means that Lebanon, with its army, people and resistance, remains on alert and ready for confrontation, and standing as an impenetrable dam against all attempts to prevent it from investing its gas and oil wealth.”

Ibrahim considered that the next stage is filled with military and security risks, noting that “despite Lebanon’s commitment to the provisions of Resolution 1701, the Israeli attacks and provocations are still recurring on an almost daily basis, and the most dangerous thing we are facing is the enemy’s continuation of its war maneuvers.”

The Major General concluded his message by commending the steadfastness, discipline, and dedication of the military and security apparatuses amidst the difficult economic conditions prevailing in the country. “I also value and appreciate the great efforts you are exerting in fulfillment of the duty that you have pledged to carry out, in preservation of your oath and in implementation of the Directorate’s motto in offering the highest levels of sacrifice and performance in the fields of administration and security,” Ibrahim asserted.


  • NNA