| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

If Army collapses, there will be no Presidency to compete over, Joseph Aoun warns

After communicating with the Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, it was claimed that the latter is not thinking about taking the Presidency of the Republic’s Office, considering that allegations in this regard are fake.

Sources close to Aoun’s position regarding the Presidency confirmed that his only concern is to protect both security and stability, fortify the military establishment and ensure its needs, especially in these difficult circumstances. Sources have also reported that Aoun has neither the time nor the enthusiasm to plan for the Presidency. In his opinion, if the Military collapses, there will be no Presidency to compete over. The army is the safety valve of the nation and institutions, and there is no priority at present other than preserving  and strengthening it.

Sources closed to Yarzeh pointed out that they heard from Aoun that he did not discuss the Presidency issue with any internal or diplomatic figure, and that even during his meetings with ambassadors, he did not tackle the subject.

  • Sawt Beirut International