| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Important reminder from Banks’ Association

Banks’ Association in Lebanon reminded that the deadline for benefiting from Circular 158 is at the end of this September.

It stated: “those who wish to benefit from the possibility of withdrawing 400 dollars in cash and 400 dollars at the exchange rate of 12,000 pounds should go to their banks and request to benefit from the circular.”

And it added, “The customer cannot benefit from Circular 151 (withdrawals at the rate of 3900 pounds to the dollar) if he chooses to benefit from Circular 158.”

Pointing out that “salaries are excluded from this procedure, as the customer can benefit from Circular 158 in addition to converting his salary in dollars to Lebanese pounds according to Circular 151, that is, at a price of 3900 pounds per dollar.”

And it considered that “the customer can request to stop benefiting from Circular 158 at any time, which allows him to return to benefiting from Circular 151 automatically.”

“There is no problem with the signed contracts, and they are within the usual legal and banking frameworks,”

It concluded, “For any additional inquiries, please contact the hotline of the Association of Banks in Lebanon.”

The association statement