| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

In compliance with the decision of Medical Association … some hospitals stop receiving patients!


“In compliance with the decision of the Medical Syndicate and in solidarity with the medical centers covered by the decision of the Court of Appeal in Beirut,” the Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital announced that it would stop receiving patients in all its hospital departments and private clinics, except for the reception and treatment of emergency and critical cases in the emergency department and patients of the chemotherapy department.

In parallel, and in compliance with the Physicians’ Syndicate decision issued in response to the court ruling against the American University Hospital, the hospital closes its clinics until further notice and stops receiving patients, except in emergency cases.

The head of the Lebanese Doctors’ Syndicate in Beirut, Sharaf Abu Sharaf, announced yesterday during the meeting of the heads of medical committees in the hospitals, that “in protest against the decision issued by Judge Tariq Bitar in the case of child Ella Tannous, the Medical Syndicate calls on all honorable colleagues to strike for a week, and to stop From work, with the exception of emergency cases or those that cannot be postponed, as of Monday, May 10.

for its part, AL-Maounat Hospital apologized for receiving patients in all its external and hospital departments except for emergency cases starting today.

The meeting denounced “the wrong and unfair ruling, which negatively affects the doctor’s future and threatens the citizen’s health security,” demanding to “demonstrate the positive role that doctors play in treating their patients, and to complete the study carried out by the investigations committee in the Doctors Syndicate, and to work in cooperation with The Ministry of Justice and the Parliamentary Health Committee to find a legal solution to governance and achieve justice for all.

The emergency meeting also concluded an agreement to visit the Minister of Justice to find a fair judicial solution and to seek to nullify the effects of the ruling judicially or through a law, and to hold a meeting of the Judicial Committee and the Investigation Committee of the Syndicate to discuss the report and reach a unified opinion, while keeping the Council sessions open for follow-up, according to the Central Committee. .