| 17 September 2021, Friday |

In Hermel, a wanted got arrested by the army

The representative of the “NNA” in Hermel stated that after midnight, a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate of the Army had stopped in the Mutribet al-Qasr area, north of the Hermel district, at the Lebanese-Syrian border, the so-called (A.N) of Lebanese nationality and wanted with dozens of arrest warrants, for car theft. He was transferred to Syria, in addition to the formation and participation of gangs and other crimes, and he was taken to a military center for investigation under the supervision of the competent judiciary. The directorate also seized a stolen white Kia Sportage car in the locality of Ibsh, north of Hermel district, and it was transferred to the competent authorities under the supervision of the judiciary. Its driver fled in the direction of Syrian territory during the pursuit process.