| 4 December 2023, Monday |

In numbers … the minimum wage in Lebanon is among the lowest in the world!

Information International distributed a report that included a comparison between the minimum wage in Lebanon and a number of countries in the world, as with the decline in the exchange rate of the lira, the minimum wage became among the lowest in the world.

The report stated:

In comparing the minimum wage in Lebanon with a number of countries in the world (some are similar to Lebanon’s situation and the cost of living, and others are higher or lower), it turns out that Lebanon is in a low rank (it comes after Bangladesh), so Tunisia has a similar status to Lebanon, with a minimum of $ 125.

We show in Table No. 4 the minimum wage in a number of countries compared to Lebanon (recognizing that the comparison with some countries is not scientific due to the difference in economic and social data).

Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Angola are among the groups with the lowest minimum wages, followed by Gambia, Yemen, Malawi, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

Country                                                  minimum wage

France                                                                  1796

USA                                                                       1395

CYPRUS                                                                863

GREECE                                                                853

BAHREIN                                                              800

SAUDI ARABIA                                                   800

TURKEY                                                                375

IRAN                                                                      360

MOROCCOW                                                     325

JORDAN                                                               311

CAMBODIA                                                         282

ALBANIA                                                              240

PHILIPPINE                                                         237

BREZIL                                                                   212

KYNIA                                                                   207

ALGERIA                                                              170

CONGO                                                                170

CHINA                                                                   162

INDIA                                                                    148

AZERBEIJAN                                                       146

ARMENIA                                                            143

PAKISTAN                                                           130

TUNISIA                                                               125

EGYPT                                                                   115

MORITANIA                                                       111

CHAD                                                                    110

BANGLADISH                                                     95

CUBA                                                                    80

LEBANON                                                            72

AFGHANISTAN                                                  67

SRYLANKA                                                           62

ANGOLA                                                              57

GAMBIA                                                              52

YEMEN                                                                 35

MALAWI                                                              27

ETHYOPIA                                                            26

ARETRYA                                                              24

SUDAN                                                                 12


  • Sawt Beirut International