| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

In protest against negligence, UNRWA’s parking in Sidon closed

Number of Ain al-Hilweh camp’s residents camp closed the UNRWA parking in Sidon, in protest to UNRWA’s failure in providing the necessary services and needs for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and the failure to declare a state of health and relief emergency and to provide financial assistance to all camp residents without restricting it to specific category or age, and for not securing diesel to pump water from artesian wells.

Adnan al-Rifai, member of the Palestinian Popular Committees in Ain al-Hilweh indicated that “closing the parking is a step to oppose UNRWA’s neglect and failure to serve the refugees in light of the Lebanese crisis and the extreme poverty that plagues the camps.”

He said: “We feel that there is a political targeting for the refugee issue, and we call on UNRWA not to be a part or tool for implementing a conspiracy to cancel the right of return, and displace the camp’s people.” Stressing that “moves will escalate until all just demands are met to provide a free and dignified life that is preserved in dignity and health.”