| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

In video and as a reminder, Nabih Berri: “Whoever tests a well experienced man, is a fool.”

“Whoever tests a well experienced man, is a fool,” a phrase, President Nabih Berri said, in a years back television interview, to be followed by him, presiding the Parliament for 29 consecutive years, and still.

Berri also said, “We are fed up with them, always the same people, this and that, then this and that. This, and that feudal lord, then, their sons, they have destroyed Lebanon.”  Adding, “Would anyone believe that with all the money that Lebanon has received, there is no Corniche from Tripoli to Tyre, and its length is only 12 km, where did they go with all this money?! And he added addressing his host, “Have you ever seen a minister or president of the republic, been held accountable? Never, there are clear and obvious thefts, they are living on a different planet than the people. They mock people by giving them some money in the elections, that is, they bribe them to get to the parliament.”

Today, the people are saying, “Whoever tests a well experienced man, is a fool,” and what Berri and the politicians in Lebanon did, no politician has ever done on planet earth, for they have proved that they are masters and professionals in fraud and theft, and in quotas and brokerage.