| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Independent MPs hold meeting at parliament over current judicial developments

A number of “Change” and independent MPs on Friday held a wide meeting at the House of Parliament, during which they discussed the latest judicial developments.

In an issued statement read out by MP Waddah Sadek, they affirmed that “the Lebanese people have been witnessing since the morning of “Black Wednesday” a devastating coup that began with the assassination of justice through decisions and means that are illegitimate and surreal in the face of justice.”

They also stressed that “there is no bargaining over August 4 victims’ blood.”

They also indicated that “this coup consecrates the power of an abominable police regime that we will never accept, and we derive our strength from a collective popular rally to build a state.”

They pointed out that “what the judicial investigator in the Beirut Port blast case is being exposed to is intended to disrupt the course of justice,” refusing attempts “to tamper with his powers.”

As they denounced “the assaults on the people and their representatives in a barbaric scene that is not befitting of justice or its custodians of politicians and judges,” they called for “opening an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the attacks that took place, determine the identities of the perpetrators and their references, and inflict the most severe penalties on them.”

They called on the Caretaker Minister of Justice “to be frank with the people about what happened to the judiciary and how to address the imbalance that afflicted it.”

  • NNA