| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Information and Industry Ministers launch campaign to support Lebanese industry

Caretaker Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, and Caretaker Minister of Industry, Imad Huballah, on Friday held a joint press conference at the Ministry of Information, to launch a media campaign in support of the Lebanese industry, under the headline: “Industry supports Lebanon.”

Attending the meeting were: Information Ministry Director General, Dr. Hassan Falha, Industry Ministry Director General Dany Gedeoun,  and Vice President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, George Nasrawi.

Minister Abdel Samad began the press conference by saying: “The challenge today is a health challenge posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. The opportunity is before us: it is to encourage the manufacture of products that have been able to stem the spread of this pandemic. As such, the Ministries of Information and Industry are launching today a campaign entitled “Industry Supports Lebanon”, in cooperation with Tele Liban (TL), where media materials have been prepared to shed light on this industry, especially that Lebanon enjoys great competitive characteristics, whether In terms of cost, quality of this production, quality and size of factories, in addition to the internationally –recognized human resources.”

Minister Abdel Samad pointed out that the main purpose  of this campaign is to create job opportunities for all workers in Lebanon who have the required skills and specializations and to find foreign investors to contribute to this industry and secure the internal and external demand for products. For his part, Industry Minister Huballah said that “relying on production is essential to the issue of our steadfastness.”

Minister Huballah also pointed out the partnership between the Industry Ministry and the Ministry of Information and Television of Lebanon is crucial, calling on the Lebanese people to use Lebanese products.

Huballah concluded by saying: “Lebanon will not survive except through robust industry, sturdy production, and strong agriculture and media.”

  • Lebanese National News Agency